Kural - 981
All goodly things are duties to the men, they say
Who set themselves to walk in virtue's perfect way.
Meaning : It is said that those who are conscious of their duty and behave with a perfect goodness will regard as natural all that is good.
Kural - 982
The good of inward excellence they claim,
The perfect men; all other good is only good in name.
Meaning :The only delight of the perfect is that of their goodness; all other (sensual) delights are not to be included among any (true) delights.
Kural - 983
Love, modesty, beneficence, benignant grace,
With truth, are pillars five of perfect virtue's resting-place.
Meaning : Affection, fear (of sin), benevolence, favour and truthfulness; these are the five pillars on which perfect goodness rests.
Kural - 984
The type of 'penitence' is virtuous good that nothing slays;
To speak no ill of other men is perfect virtue's praise.
Meaning :Penance consists in the goodness that kills not , and perfection in the goodness that tells not others' faults.
Kural - 985
Submission is the might of men of mighty acts; the sage
With that same weapon stills his foeman's rage.
Meaning :Stooping (to inferiors) is the strength of those who can accomplish (an undertaking); and that is the weapon with which the great avert their foes.
Kural - 986
What is perfection's test? The equal mind.
To bear repulse from even meaner men resigned.
Meaning :The touch-stone of perfection is to receive a defeat even at the hands of one's inferiors.
Kural - 987
What fruit doth your perfection yield you, say!
Unless to men who work you ill good repay?
Meaning :Of what avail is perfect goodness if it cannot do pleasing things even to those who have pained (it) ?.
Kural - 988
To soul with perfect virtue's strength endued,
Brings no disgrace the lack of every earthly good.
Meaning : Poverty is no disgrace to one who abounds in good qualities..
Kural - 989
Call them of perfect virtue's sea the shore,
Who, though the fates should fail, fail not for evermore.
Meaning :Those who are said to be the shore of the sea of perfection will never change, though ages may change.
Kural - 990
The mighty earth its burthen to sustain must cease,
If perfect virtue of the perfect men decrease.
Meaning : If there is a defect in the character of the perfect, (even) the great world cannot bear (its) burden.