Kural - 1041
You ask what sharper pain than poverty is known;
Nothing pains more than poverty, save poverty alone.
Meaning : There is nothing that afflicts (one) like poverty..
Kural - 1042
Malefactor matchless! poverty destroys
This world's and the next world's joys..
Meaning :When cruel poverty comes on, it deprives one of both the present and future (bliss).
Kural - 1043
Importunate desire, which poverty men name,
Destroys both old descent and goodly fame.
Meaning : Hankering poverty destroys at once the greatness of (one's) ancient descent and (the dignity of one's) speech.
Kural - 1044
From penury will spring, 'mid even those of noble race,
Oblivion that gives birth to words that bring disgrace.
Meaning : Even in those of high birth, poverty will produce the fault of uttering mean words.
Kural - 1045
From poverty, that grievous woe,
Attendant sorrows plenteous grow.
Meaning :The misery of poverty brings in its train many (more) miseries.
Kural - 1046
Though deepest sense, well understood, the poor man's words convey,
Their sense from memory of mankind will fade away.
Meaning : The words of the poor are profitless, though they may be sound in thought and clear in expression.
Kural - 1047
From indigence devoid of virtue's grace,
The mother e'en that bare, estranged, will turn her face.
Meaning :He that is reduced to absolute poverty will be regarded as a stranger even by his own mother.
Kural - 1048
And will it come today as yesterday,
The grief of want that eats my soul away?
Meaning : Is the poverty that almost killed me yesterday, to meet me today too ?
Kural - 1049
Amid the flames sleep may men's eyelids close,
In poverty the eye knows no repose.
Meaning :One may sleep in the midst of fire; but by no means in the midst of poverty.
Kural - 1050
Unless the destitute will utterly themselves deny,
They cause their neighbour's salt and vinegar to die.
Meaning : The destitute poor, who do not renounce their bodies, only consume their neighbour's salt and water.