101. Wealth without Benefaction

Chapter. 101. Wealth without Benefaction
Kural - 1001
Who fills his house with ample store, enjoying none,
Is dead. Nought with the useless heap is done.
Meaning : He who does not enjoy the immense riches he has heaped up in his house, is (to be reckoned as) dead, (for) there is nothing achieved (by him)..
Kural - 1002
Who giving nought, opines from wealth all blessing springs,
Degraded birth that doting miser's folly brings. .
Meaning :He who knows that wealth yields every pleasure and yet is so blind as to lead miserly life will be born a demon.
Kural - 1003
Who lust to heap up wealth, but glory hold not dear,
It burthens earth when on the stage of being they appear.
Meaning : A burden to the earth are men bent on the acquisition of riches and not (true) fame.
Kural - 1004
Whom no one loves, when he shall pass away,
What doth he look to leave behind, I pray?
Meaning : What will the miser who is not liked (by any one) regard as his own (in the world to come) ?
Kural - 1005
Amid accumulated millions they are poor,
Who nothing give and nought enjoy of all they store.
Meaning :Those who neither give (to others) nor enjoy (their property) are (truly) destitute, though possessing immense riches.
Kural - 1006
Their ample wealth is misery to men of churlish heart,
Who nought themselves enjoy, and nought to worthy men impart.
Meaning : He who enjoys not (his riches) nor relieves the wants of the worthy is a disease to his wealth.
Kural - 1007
Like woman fair in lonelihood who aged grows,
Is wealth of him on needy men who nought bestows
Meaning :The wealth of him who never bestows anything on the destitute is like a woman of beauty growing old without a husband.
Kural - 1008
When he whom no man loves exults in great prosperity,
'Tis as when fruits in midmost of the town some poisonous tree
Meaning : The wealth of him who is disliked (by all) is like the fruit-bearing of the etty tree in the midst of a town..
Kural - 1009
Who love abandon, self-afflict, and virtue's way forsake
To heap up glittering wealth, their hoards shall others take.
Meaning :Strangers will inherit the riches that have been acquired without regard for friendship, comfort and charity.
Kural - 1010
'Tis as when rain cloud in the heaven grows day,
When generous wealthy man endures brief poverty.
Meaning : The short-lived poverty of those who are noble and rich is like the clouds becoming poor (for a while).