112. The Praise of her Beauty

Chapter. 112. The Praise of her Beauty
Kural - 1111
O flower of the sensitive plant! than thee
More tender's the maiden beloved by me.
Meaning : May you flourish, O Anicham! you have a delicate nature. But my beloved is more delicate than you.
Kural - 1112
You deemed, as you saw the flowers, her eyes were as flowers, my soul,
That many may see; it was surely some folly that over you stole!
Meaning : O my soul, fancying that flowers which are seen by many can resemble her eyes, you become confused at the sight of them.
Kural - 1113
As tender shoot her frame; teeth, pearls; around her odours blend;
Darts are the eyes of her whose shoulders like the bambu bend.
Meaning : The complexion of this bamboo-shouldered one is that of a shoot; her teeth, are pearls; her breath, fragrance; and her dyed eyes, lances.
Kural - 1114
The lotus, seeing her, with head demiss, the ground would eye,
And say, 'With eyes of her, rich gems who wears, we cannot vie.'
Meaning : If the blue lotus could see, it would stoop and look at the ground saying, "I can never resemble the eyes of this excellent jewelled one."
Kural - 1115
The flowers of the sensitive plant as a girdle around her she placed;
The stems she forgot to nip off; they 'll weigh down the delicate waist.
Meaning : No merry drums will be beaten for the (tender) waist of her who has adorned herself with the anicham without having removed its stem.
Kural - 1116
The stars perplexed are rushing wildly from their spheres;
For like another moon this maiden's face appears.
Meaning : The stars have become confused in their places not being able to distinguish between the moon and the maid's countenance.
Kural - 1117
In moon, that waxing waning shines, as sports appear,
Are any spots discerned in face of maiden here?
Meaning : Could there be spots in the face of this maid like those in the bright full moon ?
Kural - 1118
Farewell, O moon! If that thine orb could shine
Bright as her face, thou shouldst be love of mine.
Meaning : If you can indeed shine like the face of women, flourish, O moon, for then would you be worth loving ?
Kural - 1119
If as her face, whose eyes are flowers, thou wouldst have charms for me,
Shine for my eyes alone, O moon, shine not for all to see!
Meaning : O moon, if you wish to resemble the face of her whose eyes are like (these) flowers, do not appear so as to be seen by all.
Kural - 1120
The flower of the sensitive plant, and the down on the swan's white breast,
As the thorn are harsh, by the delicate feet of this maiden pressed.
Meaning : The anicham and the feathers of the swan are to the feet of females, like the fruit of the (thorny) Nerunji.