117. Complainings

Chapter. 117. Complainings
Kural - 1161
I would my pain conceal, but see! it surging swells,
As streams to those that draw from ever-springing wells.
Meaning : I would hide this pain from others; but it (only) swells like a spring to those who drain it.
Kural - 1162
I cannot hide this pain of mine, yet shame restrains
When I would tell it out to him who caused my pains.
Meaning : I cannot conceal this pain, nor can I relate it without shame to him who has caused it.
Kural - 1163
My soul, like porter's pole, within my wearied frame,
Sustains a two-fold burthen poised, of love and shame.
Meaning : (Both) lust and shame, with my soul for their shoulder pole balance themselves on a body that cannot bear them.
Kural - 1164
A sea of love, 'tis true, I see stretched out before,
But not the trusty bark that wafts to yonder shore.
Meaning : There is indeed a flood of lust; but there is no raft of safety to cross it with.
Kural - 1165
Who work us woe in friendship's trustful hour,
What will they prove when angry tempests lower?
Meaning : He who can produce sorrow from friendship, what can he not bring forth out of enmity ?
Kural - 1166
A happy love 's sea of joy; but mightier sorrows roll
From unpropitious love athwart the troubled soul.
Meaning : The pleasure of lust is (as great as) the sea; but the pain of lust is far greater.
Kural - 1167
I swim the cruel tide of love, and can no shore descry,
In watches of the night, too, 'mid the waters, only I!
Meaning : I have swam across the terrible flood of lust, but have not seen its shore; even at midnight I am alone; still I live.
Kural - 1168
All living souls in slumber soft she steeps;
But me alone kind night for her companing keeps!
Meaning : The night which graciously lulls to sleep all living creatures, has me alone for her companion.
Kural - 1169
More cruel than the cruelty of him, the cruel one,
In these sad times are lengthening hours of night I watch alone.
Meaning : The long nights of these days are far more cruel than the heartless one who is torturing me.
Kural - 1170
When eye of mine would as my soul go forth to him,
It knows not how through floods of its own tears to swim.
Meaning : Could mine eyes travel like my thoughts to the abode (of my absent lord), they would not swim in this flood of tears.