125. Soliloquy

Chapter. 125. Soliloquy
Kural - 1241
My heart, canst thou not thinking of some med'cine tell,
Not any one, to drive away this grief incurable?
Meaning : O my soul, will you not think and tell me some medicine be it what it may, that can cure this incurable malady?
Kural - 1242
Since he loves not, thy smart
Is folly, fare thee well my heart!
Meaning : May you live, O my soul! While he is without love, for you to suffer is (simple) folly.
Kural - 1243
What comes of sitting here in pining thought, O heart? He knows
No pitying thought, the cause of all these wasting woes.
Meaning : O my soul! why remain (here) and suffer thinking (of him)? There are no lewd thoughts (of you) in him who has caused you this disease of sorrow.
Kural - 1244
O rid me of these eyes, my heart; for they,
Longing to see him, wear my life away.
Meaning : O my soul! take my eyes also with you, (if not), these would eat me up (in their desire) to see him.
Kural - 1245
O heart, as a foe, can I abandon utterly
Him who, though I long for him, longs not for me?
Meaning : O my soul! can he who loves not though he is beloved, be forsaken saying he hates me (now)?
Kural - 1246
My heart, false is the fire that burns; thou canst not wrath maintain,
If thou thy love behold, embracing, soothing all thy pain.
Meaning : O my soul! when you see the dear one who remove dislike by intercourse, you are displeased and continue to be so. Nay, your displeasure is (simply) false.
Kural - 1247
Or bid thy love, or bid thy shame depart;
For me, I cannot bear them both, my worthy heart!
Meaning : O my good soul, give up either lust or honour, as for me I can endure neither.
Kural - 1248
Thou art befooled, my heart, thou followest him who flees from thee;
And still thou yearning criest: 'He will nor pity show nor love to me.'
Meaning : You are a fool, O my soul! to go after my departed one, while you mourn that he is not kind enough to favour you.
Kural - 1249
My heart! my lover lives within my mind;
Roaming, whom dost thou think to find?
Meaning : O my soul! to whom would you repair, while the dear one is within yourself?
Kural - 1250
If I should keep in mind the man who utterly renounces me,
My soul must suffer further loss of dignity.
Meaning : If I retain in my heart him who has left me without befriending me, I shall lose even the (inward) beauty that remains.