98. Greatness

Chapter. 98. Greatness
Kural - 971
The light of life is mental energy; disgrace is his
Who says, 'I 'ill lead a happy life devoid of this.'
Meaning :One's light is the abundance of one's courage; one's darkness is the desire to live destitute of such (a state of mind.)
Kural - 972
All men that live are one in circumstances of birth;
Diversities of works give each his special worth.
Meaning :All human beings agree as regards their birth but differ as regards their characteristics, because of the different qualities of their actions.
Kural - 973
The men of lofty line, whose souls are mean, are never great
The men of lowly birth, when high of soul, are not of low estate.
Meaning : Though (raised) above, the base cannot become great; though (brought) low, the great cannot become base.
Kural - 974
Like single-hearted women, greatness too,
Exists while to itself is true.
Meaning :Even greatness, like a woman's chastity, belongs only to him who guards himself.
Kural - 975
The man endowed with greatness true,
Rare deeds in perfect wise will do.
Meaning :(Though reduced) the great will be able to perform, in the proper way, deeds difficult (for others to do).
Kural - 976
'As votaries of the truly great we will ourselves enroll,'
Is thought that enters not the mind of men of little soul.
Meaning :It is never in the nature of the base to seek the society of the great and partake of their nature.
Kural - 977
Whene'er distinction lights on some unworthy head,
Then deeds of haughty insolence are bred.
Meaning :Even nobility of birth, wealth and learning, if in (the possession of) the base, will (only) produce everincreasing pride..
Kural - 978
Greatness humbly bends, but littleness always
Spreads out its plumes, and loads itself with praise.
Meaning : The great will always humble himself; but the mean will exalt himself in self-admiration..
Kural - 979
Greatness is absence of conceit; meanness, we deem,
Riding on car of vanity supreme.
Meaning :Freedom from conceit is (the nature of true) greatness; (while) obstinacy therein is (that of) meanness.
Kural - 980
Greatness will hide a neighbour's shame;
Meanness his faults to all the world proclaim.
Meaning : The great hide the faults of others; the base only divulge them.