Being led by Women

Kural - 901
Who give their soul to love of wife acquire not nobler gain;
Who give their soul to strenuous deeds such meaner joys disdain.
Meaning :Those who lust after their wives will not attain the excellence of virtue; and it is just this that is not desired by those who are bent on acquiring wealth.
Kural - 902
Who gives himself to love of wife, careless of noble name
His wealth will clothe him with o'erwhelming shame.
Meaning :The wealth of him who, regardless (of his manliness), devotes himself to his wife's feminine nature will cause great shame (to ali men) and to himself;
Kural - 903
Who to his wife submits, his strange, unmanly mood
Will daily bring him shame among the good.
Meaning :The frailty that stoops to a wife will always make (her husband) feel ashamed among the good.
Kural - 904
No glory crowns e'en manly actions wrought
By him who dreads his wife, nor gives the other world a thought.
Meaning : The undertaking of one, who fears his wife and is therefore destitute of (bliss), will never be applauded.
Kural - 905
Who quakes before his wife will ever tremble too,
Good deeds to men of good deserts to do.
Meaning :He that fears his wife will always be afraid of doing good deeds (even) to the good.
Kural - 906
Though, like the demi-gods, in bliss they dwell secure from harm,
Those have no dignity who fear the housewife's slender arm.
Meaning :They that fear the bamboo-like shoulders of their wives will be destitute of manliness though they may flourish like the Gods.
Kural - 907
The dignity of modest womanhood excels
His manliness, obedient to a woman's law who dwells.
Meaning :Even shame faced womanhood is more to be esteemed than the shameless manhood that performs the behests of a wife.
Kural - 908
Who to the will of her with beauteous brow their lives conform,
Aid not their friends in need, nor acts of charity perform.
Meaning : Those who yield to the wishes of their wives will neither relieve the wants of (their) friends nor perform virtuous deeds.
Kural - 909
No virtuous deed, no seemly wealth, no pleasure, rests
With them who live obedient to their wives' behests.
Meaning :From those who obey the commands of their wives are to be expected neither deeds of virtue, nor those of wealth nor (even) those of pleasure.
Kural - 910
Where pleasures of the mind, that dwell in realms of thought, abound,
Folly, that springs from overweening woman's love, is never found.
Meaning : The foolishness that results from devotion to a wife will never be found in those who possess a reflecting mind and a prosperity (flowing) therefrom. .