Mobile Apps

This software suite offers a nice alternative to Microsoft Office and has the added advantage of being free. 602Pro PC Suite offers four Office-compatible applications: a word processor, a spreadsheet program, a graphics editor and a digital photo organizer
How'd you like to watch movies on your PC? This prospect is increasingly becoming more practical, thanks to DivX, a new format that allows DVD-quality video to be compressed. In short, DivX promises to do for movies what the MP3 format did for music. This freeware package allows you to play DivX movies and also includes tools for encoding your own videos to DivX format
Are you looking for software with speech capabilities? At this site, you'll find freeware that offers speech input and output, using Microsoft Agent Technology. The speech-supported programs here include a browser, an E-mail client, a personal information manager and more
Need a quick, easy way to encrypt files on your computer? Just install Cryptext and whenever you right-click on a file, you'll get a pop-up menu that lets you easily encrypt or decrypt it with one click. This freeware utility uses a combination of SHA-1 and RC4 to encrypt files using a 160-bit key (which is geek speak for saying that it renders your files unreadable to snoops).
A very useful text-editing program that replaces Windows' flimsy Notepad text editor. Notespad is a free, full-fledged text editor with lots of wonderful features. You'll wonder how you managed without it! Allows opening of many files simultaneously, bookmarking of favorites, customized colors and fonts, macros, a file editor, lots of right-click goodies and much more
Freeware guru Skip Bremer's WordTabs is one of the finest general-purpose free word processing programs on the Web today. Described as Windows' Notepad and Wordpad on steroids, WordTabs is packed with every imaginable feature that you could possibly want. Configure it to replace Windows' default text editors and you'll wonder how you lived without this freeware gem

This helpful free clipboard utility can save you loads of work if you do a lot of repetitive typing. YC3 remembers the last 100 text entries to the clipboard. It also can save your clips between sessions. You may also make boilerplate/template files with your favorite clips and much more
Fill out the form to request a free Trend Enterprise Solution CD, which contains fully-functional versions of anti-virus products that can protect virus entryways into your network
Here's a fine archiving freeware utility that lets you easily zip and unzip files with a single click. JustZIPit is a simple, compact (250 kilobyte) program that has no adware, spyware or registration requirements
Classic games never die, they just migrate to this fun site, which rates and reviews various blasts from the past. features excellent, well-researched reviews for games in many categories. Although some of the games here are shareware, many are either freeware or public domain titles.
A handy and well-organized resource for gamers, serves up a big archive of free cheat codes, guides, and hints for over 22,000 games on more than 48 platforms

Looking for ringtones for your cell phone? This site serves up hundreds of free ringtones, including many current popular chart hits. Most of the ringtones are in Nokia Composer format, although there are other formats available here, as well.
This popular "mobile phone community site" offers loads of free goodies for your cell phone. Here, you'll find wallpapers, themes, ringtones, animations, Java games, and more.
Is your cell phone locked to a specific network? This site offers a free "unlock codes generator" that you can use to unlock your phone (which will enable you to use your phone with any service provider worldwide).