Everything you want belongs to somebody else

So, you want to be rich.
You want recognition.
You want to be happy.
You want to be loved.
None of the above are "rights," nor are they "entitlements." They are each the sole property of other people, theirs to give, suspend, or withhold. If you want it, you must earn it.
Money, for example.
Perhaps you'd like to be a millionaire, or just financially independent. Then you must realize that every dollar not in your possession is in somebody else's bank account.
You want it. Then, here's the question: "How do you get it?" It's basic. You must exchange something of greater value to the person or company than the money you'd like to transfer to your possession.
Next, lets talk about the respect you'd like to receive. 
Again, respect is a property owned by other people. He or she can give it or withhold it. They "owe" you nothing. Respect is not an entitlement. You want it, then earn it. How? By showing respect for the opinions and feelings of others. Learn to listen and listen and listen.
Everybody wants to be loved, or to have love in his/her life. Here we go again. The first step is to realize that it's not an "entitlement." The second step is to realize that it is another property owned by others to give or to withhold.
Want to be recognized?
Other people's time and attention have limitations. Therefore, they have only so much recognition to go around. The question you must ask is: "At what are you exceptional that would cause the rest of the world to take special notice?"
Generally, it takes special "actions" or "talents" to gain the recognition. However, if you cannot express or describe your talents persuasively and skillfully, you will not achieve the recognition you desire.
Fearlessness is the key to power, and people are attracted to power. Also, a little audacity can go a long way.
You might have muttered to yourself at this point, "What does all this have to do with personal communications?"
It should be evident that if everything you want is the property of other people, personality and persuasion are the tools you use to cause them to share with you.
The rules of engagement for getting what you want are

  • Every conversation is a seduction.
  • Beautiful words will always outperform a pretty face.
  • Every conversation is a negotiation.
  • Every conversation is a selling opportunity.
  • There are no drive-by conversations.

The purpose of this article is to help you keep your ego and your priorities in place as you mingle with people each day. An awareness that they own all you really want for your life is essential. That realization will help you to focus on others more than on yourself.