Kural - 801
Familiarity is friendship's silent pact,
That puts restraint on no familiar act.
Meaning : Imtimate friendship is that which cannot in the least be injured by (things done through the) right (of longstanding intimacy).
Kural - 802
Familiar freedom friendship's very frame supplies;
To be its savour sweet is duty of the wise.
Meaning : The constituents of friendship are (things done through) the right of intimacy; to be pleased with such a right is the duty of the wise.
Kural - 803
When to familiar acts men kind response refuse,
What fruit from ancient friendship's use?
Meaning : Of what avail is long-standing friendship, if friends do not admit as their own actions done through the right of intimacy ?
Kural - 804
When friends unbidden do familiar acts with loving heart,
Friends take the kindly deed in friendly part.
Meaning : If friends, through the right of friendship, do (anything) without being asked, the wise will be pleased with them on account of its desirability.
Kural - 805
Not folly merely, but familiar carelessness,
Esteem it, when your friends cause you distress.
Meaning : If friends should perform what is painful, understand that it is owing not only to ignorance, but also to the strong claims of intimacy.
Kural - 806
Who stand within the bounds quit not, though loss impends,
Association with the old familiar friends.
Meaning : Those who stand within the limits (of true friendship) will not even in adversity give up the intimacy of long-standing friends.
Kural - 807
True friends, well versed in loving ways,
Cease not to love, when friend their love betrays.
Meaning : Those who have (long) stood in the path of affection will not give it up even if their friends cause (them) their ruin.
Kural - 808
In strength of friendship rare of friend's disgrace who will not hear,
The day his friend offends will day of grace to him appear.
Meaning : To those who understand that by which they should not listen to (tales about) the faults of their friends, that is a (profitable) day on which the latter may commit a fault.
Kural - 809
Friendship of old and faithful friends,
Who ne'er forsake, the world commends.
Meaning : They will be loved by the world, who have not forsaken the friendship of those with whom they have kept up an unbroken long-standing intimacy.
Kural - 810
Ill-wishers even wish them well, who guard.
For ancient friends, their wonted kind regard.
Meaning : Even enemies will love those who have never changed in their affection to their long-standing friends.