Hard Work

Highly successful people love to work hard. Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods practiced for 12-15 hours per day to reach their skill level. Bill Gates worked 20-hour days for years. Thomas Edison built thousands of unworkable light bulbs before discovering one that worked.


When you have no problem working hard, you can accomplish great things. Have self-respect and pride and you will reach your goals.


Ten excuses for not working hard

  1. "Everyone else is taking it easy."
  2. "I thought we're supposed to work smarter, not harder."
  3. "I have a medical condition."
  4. "I'm a boss and bosses don't have to work hard."
  5. "Hard work takes up my valuable energy."
  6. "I don't get paid enough."
  7. "I don't have the time for it right now."
  8. "Once the boss sees you can work hard, you have to do it all the time."
  9. "I'll work hard when I feel like it."
  10. "Hard work leads to workaholism."

"Be industrious"


"Work is not always pleasant.


"But few are unhappier than those who lead a purposeless, idle and bored existence. . . "


"Sorrow itself can be eased by simply getting busy at something."


Morale is boosted to high highs by accomplishment. In fact, it can be demonstrated that production is the basis of morale." -- L. Ron Hubbard from The Way to Happiness


Ten ways to be more industrious

  • Decide to work hard for just five minutes to see how you feel. Then another five minutes and so on.
  • Set a deadline for yourself and try to beat it.
  • Consider how much better the future will be if you work hard now.
  • Force yourself to get started. Once you have some momentum going, you'll get more done.
  • Arrange for a reward for your extra hard work. For example, "As soon as I finish all these reports, I'll buy an expensive dinner." "I won't be going to the movies until I clean out the garage."
  • Break large tasks into smaller and smaller tasks until you feel comfortable about doing the first tiny task. Do it immediately. Then the next one and so on.
  • Tell three people you will accomplish a difficult task. It will be more difficult to admit you failed than to just do the job.
  • Break a personal production record for no other reason than to break a personal production record.
  • Mentally do the entire task before starting. You will work out how you will do the work and can see it will not be too difficult.
  • Realize you will be working for eight hours anyway. Why not be as industrious as possible?