Kural - 851
Hostility disunion's plague will bring,
That evil quality, to every living thing.
Meaning : The disease which fosters the evil of disunion among all creatures is termed hatred by the wise.
Kural - 852
Though men disunion plan, and do thee much despite
'Tis best no enmity to plan, nor evil deeds requite.
Meaning : Though disagreeable things may be done from (a feeling of) disunion, it is far better that nothing painful be done from (that of) hatred.
Kural - 853
If enmity, that grievous plague, you shun,
Endless undying praises shall be won.
Meaning : To rid one-self of the distressing dtsease of hatred will bestow (on one) a never-decreasing imperishable fame.
Kural - 854
Joy of joys abundant grows,
When malice dies that woe of woes.
Meaning : If hatred which is the greatest misery is destroyed, it will yield the greatest delight.
Kural - 855
If men from enmity can keep their spirits free,
Who over them shall gain the victory?
Meaning : Who indeed would think of conquering those who naturally shrink back from hatred ?
Kural - 856
The life of those who cherished enmity hold dear,
To grievous fault and utter death is near.
Meaning : Failure and ruin are not far from him who says it is sweet to excel in hatred.
Kural - 857
The very truth that greatness gives their eyes can never see,
Who only know to work men woe, fulfilled of enmity.
Meaning : Those whose judgement brings misery through its connection with hatred cannot understand the triumphant nature of truth.
Kural - 858
'Tis gain to turn the soul from enmity;
Ruin reigns where this hath mastery.
Meaning : Shrinking back from hatred will yield wealth; indulging in its increase will hasten ruin.
Kural - 859
Men think not hostile thought in fortune's favouring hour,
They cherish enmity when in misfortune's power.
Meaning : At the approach of wealth one will not think of hatred (but) to secure one's ruin, one will look to its increase.
Kural - 860
From enmity do all afflictive evils flow;
But friendliness doth wealth of kindly good bestow.
Meaning : All calamities are caused by hatred; but by the delight (of friendship) is caused the great wealth of good virtues.