How to get a person to tell the truth

HOW TO GET AN HONEST DEAL 99% of the time.
First, its necessary to recognize and accept the fact that there is no person who does not or will not lie about certain topics or under special circumstances. It's only a question of what and to whom.
Once acknowledged, you should NOT take "personally" the fact that a person is lying. You will become more effective dealing with all types of people and personalities once achieved.
YOUR PRIMARY OBJECTIVE is to cause a person to become disinclined to lie to you at a specific moment, or concerning any specific circumstance or topic. An example might be getting your car repaired without getting ripped off. Or getting your kids to tell where they've been.
Ask your subject the following question. "Do you mind if I ask you a personal question"? They will generally say, no I don't mind.
FOLLOW UP WITH THIS QUESTION. "Do you consider yourself to be an honest person?"
NOTE. No matter how they respond you have focused their mind and personality on "honesty" as a preferred attribute.
NEXT. Follow up immediately by asking the specific question to which you need an honest response.
MY COMMENT. It is likely that the person will remember this conversation and will be more inclined to be at least a little more honest (at least with you) in the future.
- Oscar Bruce