Insult Management Techniques

The best procedure for managing a person who attempts to insult you is to offer a sort of indirect backhand.
It's never a good idea to respond with an attacking insult of your own. It's best to leave 'em wondering how to respond.
Next time you encounter an attempt to insult you, try one of the following:
Would it be too much strain to be a little less rude?
Can I consider that foreplay?
I wouldn't want to diminish the pleasure you get from insulting me, tell me more.
Is that your best performance?
Is that the best your mind has to offer?NOTE... After you have responded with one of the above, it is imperative that you remain absolutely silent until the other person makes some kind of response.Your silence applies the maximum pressure. Also, you remain in control until they respond. At that point, the first one who speaks has lost, forfeiting control by the power of your response.