Kural - 1051
When those you find from whom 'tis meet to ask,- for aid apply;
Theirs is the sin, not yours, if they the gift deny.
Meaning : If you meet with those that may be begged of, you may beg; (but) if they withhold (their gift) it is their blame and not yours.
Kural - 1052
Even to ask an alms may pleasure give,
If what you ask without annoyance you receive..
Meaning :Even begging may be pleasant, if what is begged for is obtained without grief (to him that begs)
Kural - 1053
The men who nought deny, but know what's due, before their face
To stand as suppliants affords especial grace..
Meaning : There is even a beauty in standing before and begging of those who are liberal in their gifts and understand their duty (to beggars).
Kural - 1054
Like giving alms, may even asking pleasant seem,
From men who of denial never even dream.
Meaning : To beg of such as never think of withholding (their charity) even in their dreams, is in fact the same as giving (it oneself);
Kural - 1055
Because on earth the men exist, who never say them nay,
Men bear to stand before their eyes for help to pray.
Meaning :As there are in the world those that give without refusing, there are (also) those that prefer to beg by simply standing before them.
Kural - 1056
It those you find from evil of 'denial' free,
At once all plague of poverty will flee.
Meaning : All the evil of begging will be removed at the sight of those who are far from the evil of refusing.
Kural - 1057
If men are found who give and no harsh words of scorn employ,
The minds of askers, through and through, will thrill with joy.
Meaning :Beggars rejoice exceedingly when they behold those who bestow (their alms) with kindness and courtesy.
Kural - 1058
If askers cease, the mighty earth, where cooling fountains flow,
Will be a stage where wooden puppets come and go.
Meaning : If there were no beggars, (the actions done in) the cool wide world would only resemble the movement of a puppet.
Kural - 1059
What glory will there be to men of generous soul,
When none are found to love the askers' role?
Meaning :What (praise) would there be to givers (of alms) if there were no beggars to ask for and reveive (them).
Kural - 1060
Askers refused from wrath must stand aloof;
The plague of poverty itself is ample proof.
Meaning : He who begs ought not to be angry (at a refusal); for even the misery of (his own) poverty should be a sufficient reason (for so doing).