Not Offending the Great

Kural - 891
The chiefest care of those who guard themselves from ill,
Is not to slight the powers of those who work their mighty will.
Meaning :Not to disregard the power of those who can carry out (their wishes) is more important than all the watchfulness of those who guard (themselves against evil).
Kural - 892
If men will lead their lives reckless of great men's will,
Such life, through great men's powers, will bring perpetual ill.
Meaning :To behave without respect for the great (rulers) will make them do (us) irremediable evils.
Kural - 893
Who ruin covet let them shut their ears, and do despite
To those who, where they list to ruin have the might.
Meaning :If a person desires ruin, let him not listen to the righteous dictates of law, but commit crimes against those who are able to slay (other sovereigns).
Kural - 894
When powerless man 'gainst men of power will evil deeds essay,
Tis beck'ning with the hand for Death to seize them for its prey.
Meaning : The weak doing evil to the strong is like beckoning Yama to come (and destroy them).
Kural - 895
Who dare the fiery wrath of monarchs dread,
Where'er they flee, are numbered with the dead.
Meaning :Those who have incurred the wrath of a cruel and mighty potentate will not prosper wherever they may go.
Kural - 896
Though in the conflagration caught, he may escape from thence:
He 'scapes not who in life to great ones gives offence.
Meaning :Though burnt by a fire (from a forest), one may perhaps live; (but) never will he live who has shown disrespect to the great (devotees). .
Kural - 897
Though every royal gift, and stores of wealth your life should crown,
What are they, if the worthy men of mighty virtue frown?
Meaning :If a king incurs the wrath of the righteous great, what will become of his government with its splendid auxiliaries and (all) its untold wealth ?
Kural - 898
If they, whose virtues like a mountain rise, are light esteemed;
They die from earth who, with their households, ever-during seemed.
Meaning : If (the) hill-like (devotees) resolve on destruction, those who seemed to be everlasting will be destroyed root and branch from the earth.
Kural - 899
When blazes forth the wrath of men of lofty fame,
Kings even fall from high estate and perish in the flame.
Meaning :If those of exalted vows burst in a rage, even (Indra) the king will suffer a sudden loss and be entirely ruined.
Kural - 900
Though all-surpassing wealth of aid the boast,
If men in glorious virtue great are wrath, they're lost.
Meaning : Though in possession of numerous auxiliaries, they will perish who are-exposed to the wrath of the noble whose penance is boundless. .