Not to dread the Council

Kural - 721
Men, pure in heart, who know of words the varied force,
The mighty council's moods discern, nor fail in their discourse.
Meaning : The pure who know the classification of words having first ascertained the nature (of the court) will not (through fear) falter in their speech before the powerful body.
Kural - 722
Who what they've learned, in penetrating words heve learned to say,
Before the learn'd among the learn'd most learn'd are they.
Meaning : Those who can agreeably set forth their acquirements before the learned will be regarded as the most learned among the learned.
Kural - 723
Many encountering death in face of foe will hold their ground;
Who speak undaunted in the council hall are rarely found.
Meaning : Many indeed may (fearlessly) die in the presence of (their) foes; (but) few are those who are fearless in the assembly (of the learned).
Kural - 724
What you have learned, in penetrating words speak out before
The learn'd; but learn what men more learn'd can teach you more.
Meaning : (Ministers) should agreeably set forth their acquirements before the learned and acquire more (knowledge) from their superiors (in learning).
Kural - 725
By rule, to dialectic art your mind apply,
That in the council fearless you may make an apt reply.
Meaning : In order to reply fearlessly before a foreign court, (ministers) should learn logic according to the rules (of grammar).
Kural - 726
To those who lack the hero's eye what can the sword avail?
Or science what, to those before the council keen who quail?
Meaning : What have they to do with a sword who are not valiant, or they with learning who are afraid of an intelligent assembly ?
Kural - 727
As shining sword before the foe which 'sexless being' bears,
Is science learned by him the council's face who fears.
Meaning : The learning of him who is diffident before an assembly is like the shining sword of an hermaphrodite in the presence of his foes.
Kural - 728
Though many things they've learned, yet useless are they all,
To man who cannot well and strongly speak in council hall.
Meaning : Those who cannot agreeably speak good things before a good assembly are indeed unprofitable persons inspite of all their various acquirements.
Kural - 729
Who, though they've learned, before the council of the good men quake,
Than men unlearn'd a lower place must take.
Meaning : They who, though they have learned and understood, are yet afraid of the assembly of the good, are said to be inferior (even) to the illiterate.
Kural - 730
Who what they've learned, in penetrating words know not to say,
The council fearing, though they live, as dead are they.
Meaning : Those who through fear of the assembly are unable to set forth their learning in an interesting manner, though alive, are yet like the dead.