They work like magic

Years ago, I recognized that I must increase my options for expressing Frontiers or for soliciting information from others. I would mistakenly ask, "What do you think about...?" when seeking an opinion. The two words over-used and poorly chosen were: "what" and "think."

When expressing an opinion, I might say, "I think... "
I began to acquire additional words and phrases to circumvent the old, shop-worn phrases I had used for years that only exposed my verbal limitations and often triggered the wrong answer or the wrong response. I will share some of the replacement words and phrases I now use that create more efficient personal communications and reduce resentment significantly. Additionally, the quality of received information becomes more accurate.
When asking for an opinion or information
Do you have a "theory" about...? 
What is you "take" on...? 
What are you "seeing" as...?
When stating your opinion, use the following 
There are those who tell us that... 
(Here you suggest it's a third party opinion) 
Most experts tell us that...
Studies have shown that... 
Can the argument be made that...? 
(This technique suggests that you are asking a question.) 
I am encouraged by...
As I contemplate?, certain questions arise.
Now, let us suppose you'd like to disagree with a concept, idea or opinion that he or she has made, but you do not want to create hostility or resentment. You could try the following
You won't find much support for that - theory - proposal - concept.
It's difficult to support the "notion" that...
(You'll notice I avoided using the word "I".) 
I know you will find that the Archives verbal options will add significantly to your communications with others. Not only will you get better information, but you will eliminate the information-blocks that ego threats impose.