Cost & Financial Aids

In India there are two types of universities, private as well as government. Though the government universities have negligible fee,  the fees of private universities are little expensive.  Once you have decided to study in any of the above universities then the cost varies depending on university and its location.  Private Universities have an expense of around Rs60, 000 per year (US $1= 45 Rupees) for undergraduate courses. Whereas for higher studies the fees are Rs 1, 50,000 per year.


Living in India is safe. Per capita crime rates in India are very low. From an International student's perspective, most Indians are peace-loving, middle-path oriented, happy and warm hearted individuals. Living in India is very inexpensive. Most International students have a very comfortable and safe living experience for as low as US$150 per month. Like in any society, India offers many cost options. There are 7-star, deluxe, newly built condominium complexes that cost a bundle and then there are safe, decent apartments in better neighborhoods that rent for a reasonable amount. You can choose your option depending on your budget and your desired lifestyle.

Diversity can be found in India's food as well as its culture, geography and climate. There are places of worship for all religious groups in India. It includes temples, mosques and churches