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Fluid mechanics Download Fluid mechanics E-Book
The second issue that prompted the writing of this book is the fact that we as the public have to deal with a corrupted judicial system. As individuals we have to obey the law, particularly the copyright law with the “infinite2” time with the copyright holders. However, when applied to “small” individuals who are not able to hire a large legal firm, judges simply manufacture facts to make the little guy lose and pay for the defense of his work.
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Faculty Lectures Download Faculty Lectures E-Book
In this chapter we are going to study di erential equations, with particular emphasis on how to solve them with computers. We assume that the reader has previously met di erential equations, so we're going to review the most basic facts about them rather quickly.
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Advanced data structure Download Advanced data structure E-Book
advanced data structure
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matlab Download matlab E-Book
This book is an introduction to two subjects: Matlab and numerical computing. This ¯rst chapter introduces Matlab by presenting several programs that inves- tigate elementary, but interesting, mathematical problems. If you already have some experience programming in another language, we hope that you can see how Matlab works by simply studying these programs.
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Fuzzy logic & Neural Networks Download Fuzzy logic & Neural Networks E-Book
Development of Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network Control and Advanced Emissions Modeling for Parallel Hybrid Vehicles
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