Work while you study

Students who are 13 years and above are permitted to work in Singapore but under certain rules and regulations as this age group (13 – 16 years) falls under the children category, however above 16years, a person can take up any profession.

Foreign Students Studying in Singapore

  • Foreign students are not allowed to work in Singapore during term time or vacation time unless they are granted an exemption. Exemption is granted to foreign students holding a valid student pass and studying at certain educational institutes that are approved by the Ministry of Manpower, along with certain other qualifying conditions.
  • Foreign students wanting to undergo an internship in Singapore must ensure that they hold a valid Training Employment Pass or Training Work Permit before they can commence their industrial attachment programme.
  • The Training Employment Pass is applicable to undergraduate students who are required to undergo training as part of their degree programme. To qualify for the Training Employment Pass, you should:

    - Earn a fixed monthly salary of more than SGD 2,500, and/or

    - Hold acceptable tertiary or professional qualifications
  • If you do not meet any of the above criteria, you need to apply for a Training Work Permit instead. Most students usually tend to qualify for the Training Work Permit, as they normally earn less than SGD 2,500 a month. The Training Work Permit allows you to be attached to a company in Singapore for up-to six months.
  • Generally, the company sponsors the Training Employment Pass and Training Work Permit and makes applications to the Ministry of Manpower on behalf of students. It is advisable to check with the employing company and your educational institute about the procedure involved.
  • Please note that if you are found to be working in Singapore without either of the above mentioned passes, you can be prosecuted by law.