Entry Requirement

The major languages used in Canada are English and French. Most of the universities offer courses in English. So you need to show your efficiency of English Language tests. IELTS is most widely recognized and accepted English language test in Canada, however, some universities even accepts TOEFL. Generally, Francophone universities require international students to complete their own test of French proficiency.
Some institutions have other forms of English or French language assessment; they may offer their own language proficiency test or, may admit students to academic programs on the basis of having successfully completed that institution's language program There is no Canada wide entrance test as each university sets its own admission standards and assesses the qualifications of each applicant individually.
For seeking admission to an undergraduate course, a minimum of twelve years of education is the required qualification. Students pursuing the Indian School Certificate Examination (ISCE) have an advantage as ISCE system is similar to the British System and its is easy to interpret for the US colleges. In case of CBSE and State Boards the student may have to communicate course contents, level of study etc., to the university.
For Post graduate you should have a bachelor degree. Graduate Management Aptitude Test is required for the MBA aspirants. The test assesses the verbal, analytical and mathematical skills of the candidate. The test is held in a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) format and the candidate requires having the basic computer skills.
Minimum admission requirements do not apply to Optometry, Pharmacy, or Social Work.