Evaluation Of Qualifications

All foreign students who come to South Africa must have their qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Step 1

Whilst sending your Application for Admission form to the International Student Office, kindly mail all your academic references also to:
SAQ A (Evaluation of Qualifications)
Postnet Suite 248
Private Bag x 06
Republic of South Africa

Please send SAQA the following:

  • School certificates should have been issued by the official examination body
  • Complete and legible academic records are needed in respect of all degrees or other tertiary certificates, together with the final certificates.
  • Certificates in foreign languages should be submitted together with sworn translations into English.
  • A bank guaranteed cheque in favour of SAQA to the value of R234 (for evaluations within approximately 30 working day) or R390 (for evaluations within approximately 5 working days).
Step 2

As soon as you receive your evaluation certificate, kindly make two copies for your own use.

Step 3

Mail one copy to the International Student Office.

Important notice

The evaluation of qualifications must be done simultaneously with the mailing of your Application for Admission Form. Kindly mail the Application for Admission Form directly to the International Student Office (address given on the form), and mail the concerned documents directly to SAQA. As soon as you receive your evaluation certificate, kindly make a copy for your own use, and mail one copy to the International Student Office.


The International Student Office recognizes the special accommodation needs of international students. This is probably the first time you have lived in another country and away from your family. You now may have to find a place to call your own while you are here in Sunny South Africa. Students have the following options:

Kosmos Annex Guesthouse

Approximately R1 200 (according to room size available). This price does not include meals, meal cards can be purchased at the reception.
Kosmos Annex Guesthouse offers you a bedroom with a private shower, lounge with desk and TV as well as a bed. Towels and sheets are frequently changed and the rooms are cleaned daily.

The Foundation residence

Approximately R10 000 per annum (including meals) Legae residence
Approximately R7 000 per annum (accommodation only) and approximately R6 000 per annum (meals)

Tempo and Legae residences accommodate male and female students for 11 months of the year. They are located centrally, within walking distance from Sunnyside, and they offer you:
  • Single and double rooms
  • Lovely gardens
  • Swimming pool and lapa
  • Dining-hall
  • Cafeteria
  • Free use of washing machines and tumble
  • driers

Technikon busses to and from the various campuses are available to residents. Students can purchase a meal card, which can be used for booked meals on a set menu or for light meals, treats and soft drinks.

These residences do not close during holidays and have an active student life.

Students who were placed in Tempo or Legae are requested to read the following:
What will I find in my room?



  • Chair
  • Bed (1,8m x 0,76m)
  • Mattress
  • Desk
  • Wardrobe
  • Dustbin



  • Curtain

What must I bring?



  • 2 Combination locks
  • Sheets, blankets or duvet
  • Pillow and pillowcase
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • Coat hangers
  • Electric iron
  • Alarm clock
  • Pocket money
  • Sport



  • equipment

Students who do not wish to travel with all of the above should complete the form Application for Accommodation Extras.

Students are also advised to bring the following:



  • Fridge
  • Kettle
  • Radio
  • Computer
  • Bed lamp
  • Carpet
  • Ironing board



The Heights

Students can also reside in The Heights at approximately R550 per month (excluding meals). In this case the Technikon does not take any responsibility for the arrangements. Here the students will have to


Tel: (+27 12) 343 4461

Airport Reception Applications and Accommodation Extras Applications should reach us three weeks prior to arrival.

Contact: mashelap@techpta.ac.za