The innermost urge of every human being to look beautiful that has radically transformed the concept of beauty through the ages. Beauty no longer means pampering oneself with home made products within the confines of ones home but a steady and flourishing business.

Cosmetology is a booming business and most of the youth of today; especially women aspire to carve out a niche for themselves in the beauty business

Qualifications: The minimum qualification required for someone to enroll in a beautician course is 10th or +2 . The profession involves a lot of interaction with customers and calls for personal care, politeness and suavity is a major requirement. A beautician must be friendly, confident and also well mannered. He or she must have an attractive and pleasing personality, possess a sense of hygiene and have a creative mind.

Scope in IndiaThe beauty industry has advanced significantly in India and includes manufacture, promotion and marketing of beauty products as well. After the completion of a course a budding beautician may eventually emerge as a manicurist, a pedicurist, an electrologist, a masseur, an aroma therapist or even a beauty consultant.

Scope in Abroad: The beauty business today attracts both men and women. Those interested in choosing an unconventional career can try their hand in the beauty business.