Shipping Management

Managing ships is not an easy task. Ship management includes several tasks which are to be carried out before, during and after the operation of the ship. When a ship is purchased for importing and exporting goods, a ship management team is required to maintain and operate the vessels. The function of the management team is to provide the owner with support throughout the occupancy or charter of the vessel.



With increasing importance of international trade, the need for skilled individuals to manage ports has increased. Services of shipping and port management professionals are required by both government agencies and private sectors. One can find work in the shipping and navy departments as ship manager, port captain / manager, Merchant officer etc. Port captain is responsible for the wetting of tankers and cargo supervision. Ship management involves crew management, Technical and commercial management. Some of the organizations which need port managers include shipping companies, clearing and forwarding companies, agency houses, export and import firms and major ports worldwide. There are also jobs for them in the Railways and defense sector. The shipping and port managers also can work with International shipping majors and private port corporations. You can also find job with private packers and movers, transporters and organizations dealing with cargo handling.

   Swami Vivekanand Subharti university, Meerut
   Meridian International School of Business (MISB), Noida
   VELS University, Chennai
   St. Britto's College, Chennai
  IMU-School of Maritime Management
   Indian School of Business Management & Administration (ISBM), Maharashtra
  University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun
  Institute Of Shipping