Fishery Science

Fishery science involves oceanography, ecology, biology, economics and management combined together in an effort to manage and understand the functioning of fisheries. Various factors such as the availability of fishes, the impact of fishing on the ecological balance and on the environment are studied under this subject.

Qualifications: To pursue a B.S.C (Fisheries) or B.F.Sc course - One should have passed the 10+2 examination with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as subjects. For pursuing the M.F.Sc course one has to have a B.S.C degree in fisheries or a B.S.C in Zoology.

Benefits: With high tech trawling and development in the preservation and marketing of sea products, fisheries science is the in demand course. After completion of the post graduation one can find jobs in the fields of fish genetics and biotechnology.

Scopes in India Jobs at Farm management, Fisheries inspector, Hatchery management , Processing of stock & post harvest management.

Scopes Abroad Job opportunities in Marine-Fisheries Interviewer, Environmental Project Manager, Information Technology Specialist, Eco-toxicologist or Aquatic Ecologist.