107. The Dread of Mendicancy

Chapter. 107.The Dread of Mendicancy
Kural - 1061
Ten million-fold 'tis greater gain, asking no alms to live,
Even from those, like eyes in worth, who nought concealing gladly give.
Meaning : Not to beg (at all) even from those excellent persons who cheerfully give without refusing, will do immense good.
Kural - 1062
If he that shaped the world desires that men should begging go,
Through life's long course, let him a wanderer be and perish so.
Meaning :If the Creator of the world has decreed even begging as a means of livelihood, may he too go abegging and perish.
Kural - 1063
Nothing is harder than the hardness that will say,
'The plague of penury by asking alms we'll drive away.'.
Meaning : There is no greater folly than the boldness with which one seeks to remedy the evils of poverty by begging (rather than by working).
Kural - 1064
Who ne'er consent to beg in utmost need, their worth
Has excellence of greatness that transcends the earth.
Meaning : Even the whole world cannot sufficiently praise the dignity that would not beg even in the midst of destitution.
Kural - 1065
Nothing is sweeter than to taste the toil-won cheer,
Though mess of pottage as tasteless as the water clear.
Meaning :Even thin gruel is ambrosia to him who has obtained it by labour.
Kural - 1066
E'en if a draught of water for a cow you ask,
Nought's so distasteful to the tongue as beggar's task.
Meaning : There is nothing more disgraceful to one's tongue than to use it in begging water even for a cow.
Kural - 1067
One thing I beg of beggars all, 'If beg ye may,
Of those who hide their wealth, beg not, I pray.'
Meaning : I beseech all beggars and say, "If you need to beg, never beg of those who give unwillingly."
Kural - 1068
The fragile bark of beggary
Wrecked on denial's rock will lie.
Meaning : The unsafe raft of begging will split when it strikes on the rock of refusal.
Kural - 1069
The heart will melt away at thought of beggary,
With thought of stern repulse 'twill perish utterly.
Meaning :To think of (the evil of) begging is enough to melt one's heart; but to think of refusal is enough to break it.
Kural - 1070
E'en as he asks, the shamefaced asker dies;
Where shall his spirit hide who help denies?
Meaning : Saying "No" to a beggar takes away his life. (but as that very word will kill the refuser) where then would the latter's life hide itself ?