74. The Land

Chapter. 74. The Land
Kural - 731
Where spreads fertility unfailing, where resides a band,
Of virtuous men, and those of ample wealth, call that a 'land'
Meaning : A kingdom is that in which (those who carry on) a complete cultivation, virtuous persons, and merchants with inexhaustible wealth, dwell together.
Kural - 732
That is a 'land' which men desire for wealth's abundant share,
Yielding rich increase, where calamities are rare.
Meaning : A kingdom is that which is desire for its immense wealth, and which grows greatly in prosperity, being free from destructive causes.
Kural - 733
When burthens press, it bears; Yet, With unfailing hand
To king due tribute pays: that is the 'land'
Meaning : A kingdom is that which can bear any burden that may be pressed on it (from adjoining kingdoms) and (yet) pay the full tribute to its sovereign.
Kural - 734
That is a 'land' whose peaceful annals know,
Nor famine fierce, nor wasting plague, nor ravage of the foe.
Meaning : A kingdom is that which continues to be free from excessive starvation, irremediable epidemics, and destructive foes.
Kural - 735
From factions free, and desolating civil strife, and band
Of lurking murderers that king afflict, that is the 'land'.
Meaning : A kingdom is that which is without various (irregular) associations, destructive internal enemies, and murderous savages who (sometimes) harass the sovereign.
Kural - 736
Chief of all lands is that, where nought disturbs its peace;
Or, if invaders come, still yields its rich increase.
Meaning : The learned say that the best kingdom is that which knows no evil (from its foes), and, if injured (at all), suffers no diminution in its fruitfulness.
Kural - 737
Waters from rains and springs, a mountain near, and waters thence;
These make a land, with fortress' sure defence.
Meaning : The constituents of a kingdom are the two waters (from above and below), well situated hills and an undestructible fort.
Kural - 738
A country's jewels are these five: unfailing health,
Fertility, and joy, a sure defence, and wealth.
Meaning : Freedom from epidemics, wealth, produce, happiness and protection (to subjects); these five, the learned, say, are the ornaments of a kingdom.
Kural - 739
That is a land that yields increase unsought,
That is no land whose gifts with toil are bought.
Meaning : The learned say that those are kingdom whose wealth is not laboured for, and those not, whose wealth is only obtained through labour.
Kural - 740
Though blest with all these varied gifts' increase,
A land gains nought that is not with its king at peace.
Meaning : Although in possession of all the above mentioned excellences, these are indeed of no use to a country, in the absence of harmony between the sovereign and the sujects