94. Gaming (Gambling)

Chapter. 94. Gaming (Gambling)
Kural - 931
Seek not the gamester's play; though you should win,
Your gain is as the baited hook the fish takes in.
Meaning :Though able to win, let not one desire gambling; (for) even what is won is like a fish swallowing the iron in fish-hook.
Kural - 932
Is there for gamblers, too, that gaining one a hundred lose, some way
That they may good obtain, and see a prosperous day?
Meaning :Is there indeed a means of livelihood that can bestow happiness on gamblers who gain one and lose a hundred ?
Kural - 933
If prince unceasing speak of nought but play,
Treasure and revenue will pass from him away..
Meaning : If the king is incessantly addicted to the rolling dice in the hope of gain, his wealth and the resources thereof will take their departure and fall into other's hands..
Kural - 934
Gaming brings many woes, and ruins fair renown;
Nothing to want brings men so surely down.
Meaning : There is nothing else that brings (us) poverty like gambling which causes many a misery and destroys (one's) reputation.
Kural - 935
The dice, and gaming-hall, and gamester's art, they eager sought,
Thirsting for gain- the men in other days who came to nought..
Meaning :Penniless are those who by reason of their attachment would never forsake gambling, the gambling-place and the handling (of dice).
Kural - 936
Gambling's Misfortune's other name: o'er whom she casts her veil,
They suffer grievous want, and sorrows sore bewail.
Meaning :Those who are swallowed by the goddess called "gambling" will never have their hunger satisfied, but suffer the pangs of hell in the next world
Kural - 937
Ancestral wealth and noble fame to ruin haste,
If men in gambler's halls their precious moments waste.
Meaning :To waste time at the place of gambling will destroy inherited wealth and goodness of character.
Kural - 938
Gambling wastes wealth, to falsehood bends the soul: it drives away
All grace, and leaves the man to utter misery a prey.
Meaning : Gambling destroys property, teaches falsehood, puts an end to benevolence, and brings in misery (here and hereafter).
Kural - 939
Clothes, wealth, food, praise, and learning, all depart
From him on gambler's gain who sets his heart.
Meaning :The habit of gambling prevents the attainment of these five: clothing, wealth, food, fame and learning.
Kural - 940
Howe'er he lose, the gambler's heart is ever in the play;
E'en so the soul, despite its griefs, would live on earth alway.
Meaning : As the gambler loves (his vice) the more he loses by it, so does the soul love (the body) the more it suffers through it.