93. Not Drinking Palm-Wine

Chapter. 93. Not Drinking Palm-Wine
Kural - 921
Who love the palm's intoxicating juice, each day,
No rev'rence they command, their glory fades away.
Meaning :Those who always thirst after drink will neither inspire fear (in others) nor retain the light (of their fame).
Kural - 922
Drink not inebriating draught. Let him count well the cost.
Who drinks, by drinking, all good men's esteem is lost.
Meaning :Let no liquor be drunk; if it is desired, let it be drunk by those who care not for esteem of the great.
Kural - 923
The drunkard's joy is sorrow to his mother's eyes;
What must it be in presence of the truly wise?
Meaning :Intoxication is painful even in the presence of (one's) mother; what will it not then be in that of the wise ?
Kural - 924
Shame, goodly maid, will turn her back for aye on them
Who sin the drunkard's grievous sin, that all condemn.
Meaning : The fair maid of modesty will turn her back on those who are guilty of the great and abominable crime of drunkenness.
Kural - 925
With gift of goods who self-oblivion buys,
Is ignorant of all that man should prize..
Meaning :To give money and purchase unconsciousness is the result of one's ignorance of (one's own actions).
Kural - 926
Sleepers are as the dead, no otherwise they seem;
Who drink intoxicating draughts, they poison quaff, we deem.
Meaning :They that sleep resemble the deed; (likewise) they that drink are no other than poison-eaters.
Kural - 927
Who turn aside to drink, and droop their heavy eye,
Shall be their townsmen's jest, when they the fault espy.
Meaning :Those who always intoxicate themselves by a private (indulgence in) drink; will have their secrets detected and laughed at by their fellow-townsmen.
Kural - 928
No more in secret drink, and then deny thy hidden fraud;
What in thy mind lies hid shall soon be known abroad.
Meaning : Let (the drunkard) give up saying "I have never drunk"; (for) the moment (he drinks) he will simply betray his former attempt to conceal.
Kural - 929
Like him who, lamp in hand, would seek one sunk beneath the wave.
Is he who strives to sober drunken man with reasonings grave.
Meaning :Reasoning with a drunkard is like going under water with a torch in search of a drowned man.
Kural - 930
When one, in sober interval, a drunken man espies,
Does he not think, 'Such is my folly in my revelries'?
Meaning : When (a drunkard) who is sober sees one who is not, it looks as if he remembered not the evil effects of his (own) drink.