75. The Fortification

Chapter. 75. The Fortification
Kural - 741
A fort is wealth to those who act against their foes;
Is wealth to them who, fearing, guard themselves from woes.
Meaning : A fort is an object of importance to those who march (against their foes) as well as to those who through fear (of pursuers) would seek it for shelter.
Kural - 742
A fort is that which owns fount of waters crystal clear,
An open space, a hill, and shade of beauteous forest near.
Meaning : A fort is that which has everlasting water, plains, mountains and cool shady forests.
Kural - 743
Height, breadth, strength, difficult access:
Science declares a fort must these possess.
Meaning : The learned say that a fortress is an enclosure having these four (qualities) viz., height, breadth, strength and inaccessibility.
Kural - 744
A fort must need but slight defence, yet ample be,
Defying all the foeman's energy.
Meaning : A fort is that which has an extensive space within, but only small places to be guarded, and such as can destroy the courage of besieging foes.
Kural - 745
Impregnable, containing ample stores of food,
A fort for those within, must be a warlike station good.
Meaning : A fort is that which cannot be captured, which abounds in suitable provisions, and affords a position of easy defence to its inmates.
Kural - 746
A fort, with all munitions amply stored,
In time of need should good reserves afford.
Meaning : A fort is that which has all (needful) things, and excellent heroes that can help it against destruction (by foes).
Kural - 747
A fort should be impregnable to foes who gird it round,
Or aim there darts from far, or mine beneath the ground.
Meaning : A fort is that which cannot be captured by blockading, assaulting, or undermining it.
Kural - 748
Howe'er the circling foe may strive access to win,
A fort should give the victory to those who guard within.
Meaning : That is a fort whose inmates are able to overcome without losing their ground, even abler men who have besieged it.
Kural - 749
At outset of the strife a fort should foes dismay;
And greatness gain by deeds in every glorious day.
Meaning : A fort is that which derives excellence from the stratagems made (by its inmates) to defeat their enemies in the battlefield.
Kural - 750
Howe'er majestic castled walls may rise,
To craven souls no fortress strength supplies.
Meaning : Although a fort may possess all (the above-said) excellence, it is, as it were without these, if its inmates possess not the excellence of action.