116. Separation unendurable

Chapter. 116. Separation unendurable
Kural - 1151
If you will say, 'I leave thee not,' then tell me so;
Of quick return tell those that can survive this woe.
Meaning : If it is not departure, tell me; but if it is your speedy return, tell it to those who would be alive then.
Kural - 1152
It once was perfect joy to look upon his face;
But now the fear of parting saddens each embrace.
Meaning : His very look was once pleasing; but (now) even intercourse is painful through fear of separation.
Kural - 1153
To trust henceforth is hard, if ever he depart,
E'en he, who knows his promise and my breaking heart.
Meaning : As even the lover who understands (everything) may at times depart, confidence is hardly possible.
Kural - 1154
If he depart, who fondly said, 'Fear not,' what blame's incurred
By those who trusted to his reassuring word?
Meaning : If he who bestowed his love and said "fear not" should depart, will it be the fault of those who believed in (his) assuring words ?
Kural - 1155
If you would guard my life, from going him restrain
Who fills my life! If he depart, hardly we meet again.
Meaning : If you would save (my life), delay the departure of my destined (husband); for if he departs, intercourse will become impossible.
Kural - 1156
To cherish longing hope that he should ever gracious be,
Is hard, when he could stand, and of departure speak to me.
Meaning : If he is so cruel as to mention his departure (to me), the hope that he would bestow (his love) must be given up.
Kural - 1157
The bracelet slipping from my wrist announced before
Departure of the Prince that rules the ocean shore.
Meaning : Do not the rings that begin to slide down my fingers forebode the separation of my lord ?
Kural - 1158
'Tis sad to sojourn in the town where no kind kinsmen dwell;
'Tis sadder still to bid a friend beloved farewell.
Meaning : Painful is it to live in a friendless town; but far more painful is it to part from one's lover.
Kural - 1159
Fire burns the hands that touch; but smart of love
Will burn in hearts that far away remove.
Meaning : Fire burns when touched; but, like the sickness of love, can it also burn when removed ?
Kural - 1160
Sorrow's sadness meek sustaining, Driving sore distress away,
Separation uncomplaining Many bear the livelong day!
Meaning : As if there were many indeed that can consent to the impossible, kill their pain, endure separation and yet continue to live afterwards.