133. Feigned Anger

Chapter. 133. Feigned Anger
Kural - 1321
Although there be no fault in him, the sweetness of his love
Hath power in me a fretful jealousy to move.
Meaning : Although my husband is free from defects, the way in which he embraces me is such as to make me feign dislike.
Kural - 1322
My 'anger feigned' gives but a little pain;
And when affection droops, it makes it bloom again.
Meaning : His love will increase though it may (at first seem to) fade through the short-lived distress caused by (my) dislike.
Kural - 1323
Is there a bliss in any world more utterly divine,
Than 'coyness' gives, when hearts as earth and water join?
Meaning : Is there a celestial land that can please like the feigned dislike of those whose union resembles that of earth and water?
Kural - 1324
'Within the anger feigned' that close love's tie doth bind,
A weapon lurks, which quite breaks down my mind.
Meaning : In prolonged dislike after an embrace there is a weapon that can break my heart.
Kural - 1325
Though free from fault, from loved one's tender arms
To be estranged a while hath its own special charms.
Meaning : Though free from defects, men feel pleased when they cannot embrace the delicate shoulders of those whom they love.
Kural - 1326
'Tis sweeter to digest your food than 'tis to eat;
In love, than union's self is anger feigned more sweet.
Meaning : To digest what has been eaten is more delightful than to eat more; likewise love is more delightful in dislike than intercourse.
Kural - 1327
In lovers' quarrels, 'tis the one that first gives way,
That in re-union's joy is seen to win the day.
Meaning : Those are conquerors whose dislike has been defeated and that is proved by the love (which follows).
Kural - 1328
And shall we ever more the sweetness know of that embrace
With dewy brow; to which 'feigned anger' lent its piquant grace.
Meaning : Will I enjoy once more through her dislike, the pleasure of that love that makes her forehead perspire?
Kural - 1329
Let her, whose jewels brightly shine, aversion feign!
That I may still plead on, O night, prolong thy reign!
May the bright-jewelled one feign dislike, and may the night be prolonged for me to implore her!
Kural - 1330
A 'feigned aversion' coy to pleasure gives a zest;
The pleasure's crowned when breast is clasped to breast.
Meaning : Dislike adds delight to love; and a hearty embrace (thereafter) will add delight to dislike.