128. The Reading of the Signs

Chapter. 128. The Reading of the Signs
Kural - 1271
Thou hid'st it, yet thine eye, disdaining all restraint,
Something, I know not, what, would utter of complaint.
Meaning : Though you would conceal (your feelings), your painted eyes would not, for, transgressing (their bounds), they tell (me) something.
Kural - 1272
The simple one whose beauty fills mine eye, whose shoulders curve
Like bambu stem, hath all a woman's modest sweet reserve.
Meaning : Unusually great is the female simplicity of your maid whose beauty fills my eyes and whose shoulders resemble the bamboo.
Kural - 1273
As through the crystal beads is seen the thread on which they 're strung
So in her beauty gleams some thought cannot find a tongue.
Meaning : There is something that is implied in the beauty of this woman, like the thread that is visible in a garland of gems.
Kural - 1274
As fragrance in the opening bud, some secret lies
Concealed in budding smile of this dear damsel's eyes.
Meaning : There is something in the unmatured smile of this maid like the fragrance that is contained in an unblossomed bud.
Kural - 1275
The secret wiles of her with thronging armlets decked,
Are medicines by which my raising grief is checked.
Meaning : The well-meant departure of her whose bangles are tight-fitting contains a remedy that can cure my great sorrow.
Kural - 1276
While lovingly embracing me, his heart is only grieved:
It makes me think that I again shall live of love bereaved.
Meaning : The embrace that fills me with comfort and gladness is capable of enduring (my former) sorrow and meditating on his want of love.
Kural - 1277
My severance from the lord of this cool shore,
My very armlets told me long before.
Meaning : My bracelets have understood before me the (mental) separation of him who rules the cool seashore.
Kural - 1278
My loved one left me, was it yesterday?
Days seven my pallid body wastes away!
Meaning : It was but yesterday my lover departed (from me); and it is seven days since my complexion turned sallow.
Kural - 1279
She viewed her tender arms, she viewed the armlets from them slid;
She viewed her feet: all this the lady did.
Meaning : She looked at her bracelets, her tender shoulders, and her feet; this was what she did there (significantly).
Kural - 1280
To show by eye the pain of love, and for relief to pray,
Is womanhood's most womanly device, men say.
Meaning : To express their love-sickness by their eyes and resort to begging bespeaks more than ordinary female excellence.