118. Eyes consumed with Grief

Chapter. 118. Eyes consumed with Grief
Kural - 1171
They showed me him, and then my endless pain
I saw: why then should weeping eyes complain?
Meaning : As this incurable malady has been caused by my eyes which showed (him) to me, why should they now weep for (him).
Kural - 1172
How glancing eyes, that rash unweeting looked that day,
With sorrow measureless are wasting now away!
Meaning : The dyed eyes that (then) looked without foresight, why should they now endure sorrow, without feeling sharply (their own fault).
Kural - 1173
The eyes that threw such eager glances round erewhile
Are weeping now. Such folly surely claims a smile!
Meaning : They themselves looked eagerly (on him) and now they weep. Is not this to be laughed at ?
Kural - 1174
Those eyes have wept till all the fount of tears is dry,
That brought upon me pain that knows no remedy.
Meaning : These painted eyes have caused me a lasting mortal disease; and now they can weep no more, the tears having dried up.
Kural - 1175
The eye that wrought me more than sea could hold of woes,
Is suffering pangs that banish all repose.
Meaning : Mine eyes have caused me a lust that is greater than the sea and (they themselves) endure the torture of sleeplessness.
Kural - 1176
Oho! how sweet a thing to see! the eye
That wrought this pain, in the same gulf doth lie.
Meaning : The eyes that have given me this disease have themselves been seized with this (suffering). Oh! I am much delighted.
Kural - 1177
Aching, aching, let those exhaust their stream,
That melting, melting, that day gazed on him.
Meaning : The eyes that became tender and gazed intently on him, may they suffer so much as to dry up the fountain of their tears.
Kural - 1178
Who loved me once, onloving now doth here remain;
Not seeing him, my eye no rest can gain.
Meaning : He is indeed here who loved me with his lips but not with his heart but mine eyes suffer from not seeing him.
Kural - 1179
When he comes not, all slumber flies; no sleep when he is there;
Thus every way my eyes have troubles hard to bear.
Meaning : When he is away they do not sleep; when he is present they do not sleep; in either case, mine eyes endure unbearable agony.
Kural - 1180
It is not hard for all the town the knowledge to obtain,
When eyes, as mine, like beaten tambours, make the mystery plain.
Meaning : It is not difficult for the people of this place to understand the secret of those whose eyes, like mine, are as it were beaten drums.