127. Mutual Desire

Chapter. 127. Mutual Desire
Kural - 1261
My eyes have lost their brightness, sight is dimmed; my fingers worn,
With nothing on the wall the days since I was left forlorn.
Meaning : My finger has worn away by marking (on the wall) the days he has been absent while my eyes have lost their lustre and begin to fail.
Kural - 1262
O thou with gleaming jewels decked, could I forget for this one day,
Henceforth these bracelets from my arms will slip, my beauty worn away.
Meaning : O you bright-jewelled maid, if I forget (him) today, my shoulders will lose their beauty even in the other life and make my bracelets loose.
Kural - 1263
On victory intent, His mind sole company he went;
And I yet life sustain! And long to see his face again!
Meaning : I still live by longing for the arrival of him who has gone out of love for victory and with valour as his guide.
Kural - 1264
'He comes again, who left my side, and I shall taste love's joy,'-
My heart with rapture swells, when thoughts like these my mind employ.
Meaning : My heart is rid of its sorrow and swells with rapture to think of my absent lover returning with his love.
Kural - 1265
O let me see my spouse again and sate these longing eyes!
That instant from my wasted frame all pallor flies.
Meaning : May I look on my lover till I am satisfied and thereafter will vanish the sallowness of my slender shoulders.
Kural - 1266
O let my spouse but come again to me one day!
I'll drink that nectar: wasting grief shall flee away.
Meaning : May my husband return some day; and then will I enjoy (him) so as to destroy all this agonizing sorrow.
Kural - 1267
Shall I draw back, or yield myself, or shall both mingled be,
When he returns, my spouse, dear as these eyes to me.
Meaning : On the return of him who is as dear as my eyes, am I displeased or am I to embrace (him); or am I to do both?
Kural - 1268
O would my king would fight, o'ercome, devide the spoil;
At home, to-night, the banquet spread should crown the toil.
Meaning : Let the king fight and gain (victories); (but) let me be united to my wife and feast the evening.
Kural - 1269
One day will seem like seven to those who watch and yearn
For that glad day when wanderers from afar return.
Meaning : To those who suffer waiting for the day of return of their distant lovers one day is as long as seven days.
Kural - 1270
What's my return, the meeting hour, the wished-for greeting worth,
If she heart-broken lie, with all her life poured forth?
Meaning : After (my wife) has died of a broken heart, what good will there be if she is to receive me, has received me, or has even embraced me?